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makerr ([personal profile] makerr) wrote2012-11-10 11:15 am

Blood For Alabaster's Jar

I am an empty cold grave
I am a low lie bound slave

And amidst all the suffering
The pretty birds continue to sing
A drop of blood for Alabaster's jar

The demons they come and they go
They leave me all bloody for show

And as I just cry
And ask myself why
There is blood in Alabaster's jar

I've walked and seen this whole world
I've watched as many a story unfurled

I've seen love and glory
Turn to endings that were gory
Adding blood to Alabaster's jar

And so it continues to be filled
The ripples have never been stilled

For the wars will not stop
The knife will never drop
And so more blood for Alabaster's jar

The scars walk up the worlds arm
Down the chest and legs as it does itself more harm

So if it isn't evident
I do really resent
Adding blood to Alabaster's jar