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makerr ([personal profile] makerr) wrote2012-11-10 11:14 am

Beware a Master of Words

If the pen is mightier than the sword
Then a writer is a mighty man indeed
He is a master of words
And poetry is his creed

His simple phrases
Placed in simple rhyme
Twist thoughts and emotions
Like a child with twine

He can make you feel
Textures unknown
Like the rough edges
Of a dragons bone

He can make you smell
Without a single breath
The cold rotting scent
Of a thing we call death

He can make you hear
A foreign sound
Like a loud-mouthed bard
In a renaissance town

It is with his words
He commits inception
With honest thoughts
And cruel deception

But before you know it
You will agree
With whatever he writes
Don't you see?

For the day is coming
When you'll find
That all your thoughts
Are from his mind

So heed this advice
Lest ye future grieve
The greatest lies
Are the ones you want to believe